Castleknock Celtic Season 2021/22 Results  
DateLeagueFixtureReport / Scorer(s)
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 10A1 NorthCastleknock Celtic7 - 7St. MochtasCale O’Connell 2, Lucas Duffy 2, Daniel Dervisic 2, Luka Nowak 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 10A1 NorthNewbridge Town6 - 1Castleknock CelticCale O'Connell 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 10A1 NorthFinglas Utd8 - 1Castleknock CelticLucas Duffy 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 10C1Castleknock CelticMarks Celtic
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 10C1Belmont FCCastleknock Celtic
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 10C1Castleknock CelticCollinstown FC
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 11A1 NorthCastleknock CelticHome Farm
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 11A1 NorthArthur Griffith Park2 - 2Castleknock CelticLiam Forester 2
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11A1 NorthCastleknock Celtic12 - 2Finglas CelticRian, Ryan, Tom, Rory 5, Liam, Luke, Dan
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11A1 NorthCastleknock Celtic2 - 5Belvedere FCLiam Forester 1, Luke Carew 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11C1Terenure RangersCastleknock Celtic
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11C1Castleknock CelticSt. John Bosco
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 11DKingswood8 - 5Castleknock CelticNathaniel Massango 3, Joseph Pike 1, Own Goal 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11DCastleknock Celtic1 - 8Killester/Donnycarney FCRian Mulligan 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11DCrumlin Utd3 - 6Castleknock CelticRian Mulligan 1, Nathaniel Massango 3, Robert Crawford 2
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 11ECastleknock Celtic2 - 12Rathcoole BoysJames O’Reilly 2
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11ESt. Maelruans8 - 0Castleknock Celtic
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 11ELeicester Celtic3 - 0Castleknock CelticVery evenly matched teams, but unlucky to hit the post 4 times. The win is coming!
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 12 MajorCastleknock CelticHowth Celtic
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 12C1Castleknock Celtic2 - 3Sacred HeartAdam Rafferty 1, Bobby Nugent 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 12C1Sporting Greystones3 - 1Castleknock CelticAdam Rafferty 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 12C1Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Rathcoole BoysBobby Nugent 2, Furat Saleh 3
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 12C1Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Leicester CelticOllie McLoughlin 2
Furat Saleh 3
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 12EBeech Park10 - 5Castleknock CelticAyaan Muhammed 3, Junior 1, Calvin Ryan 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 12ECastleknock Celtic0 - 8AFC Belgrave
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 12EKillester/Donnycarney FC8 - 0Castleknock Celtic
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13 InterCastleknock Celtic2 - 4Malahide UtdZac Thomas 1, Mosab Adam 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 InterCherry Orchard7 - 1Castleknock CelticOwn Goal 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 InterCastleknock Celtic0 - 3Belvedere FC
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13ACastleknock Celtic2 - 0Mount MerrionCharlie Maxwell 1, Conor Whelan 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13AKnocklyon UtdCastleknock Celtic
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13ACastleknock Celtic1 - 2Belvedere FCJack Doran 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13CCastleknock Celtic11 - 0Shankhill FCMichael Conway 4, Andrew Brazier 1, Malcolm Ceiply 1, Jack 1, Woyentarila 3, Own Goal 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13CLourdes Celtic5 - 2Castleknock CelticAhmed 1, Michael Conway 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13CClondalkin Celtic2 - 3Castleknock CelticMalcolm Ceiply 2, Harry Jones 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13CCastleknock Celtic0 - 3Ballyfermot Utd
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C1Castleknock CelticSt. Mochtas
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C1Castleknock Celtic8 - 1Leicester CelticPeter Boles 1, James Fay 2, Alan Glennane 3, Tom Kenny 1, Oisin Gillen 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1Newbridge Town1 - 3Castleknock CelticTom Kenny 1, Daniel Fegan 2
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1Wayside Celtic2 - 6Castleknock CelticJames Fay 1 Alan Glennane 2, Daniel Shine 1, Daniel Fegan 1, Dovydas Kairys 1.
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13DClontarf FC5 - 2Castleknock CelticJulian Mercado 1, Jason Toni 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 14 Major 1Lucan Utd0 - 4Castleknock CelticGiorgi 3, Eliron 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 14 Major 1Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Greystones UtdPrince Jacob 1, Giorgi Atanasov 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 14CCastleknock Celtic1 - 8Esker CelticLestyn Hadfield 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 14CBallyfermot Utd5 - 4Castleknock CelticLestyn Hadfield 1, James Cassidy 1, Rain Quinn 1, Own Goal 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 15 MajorCastleknock Celtic4 - 1St. MochtasDylan Watters 1, Oscar Gallagher 1, Patryk Stolarski 1, Daniel Whitmore 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 15 MajorBallyoulster Utd3 - 1Castleknock CelticOwn Goal 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 15 Prem 1Castleknock CelticSt. Francis FC
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 15 Prem 1Beechwood FCCastleknock Celtic
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 15 Prem 1Castleknock CelticCherry Orchard
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 15 Prem 1Castleknock Celtic4 - 0Peamount UtdCathal Boyle, Danny Bello, Patrick Langon and Rafael Chidozie bagged a goal each but goalkeeper Conor McCarthy, who made many fine saves and saved a penalty, was named Man of the Match
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 15BCastleknock Celtic3 - 3Ballybrack FCAidan Alpine 2, Noah Joyce 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 15B1Blessington AFC1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 15B1Castleknock Celtic3 - 4Beech ParkAnthony Cormac 1, Rory McLoughlin 1, Joe Hyland 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 15B1Esker Celtic0 - 1Castleknock CelticPhilip McShane 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 8 EmeraldSheriff YCCastleknock Celtic
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 8 EmeraldCastleknock CelticPhoenix FC
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 8 PurpleCastleknock CelticGreenhills Boys
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 8 PurpleSt. MochtasCastleknock Celtic
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 8 YellowKnocklyon UtdCastleknock Celtic
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 8 YellowCastleknock CelticGreenhills Boys
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 8 YellowTerenure RangersCastleknock Celtic
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 9 NavyRathcoole BoysCastleknock Celtic
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 9 NavyBlessington AFCCastleknock CelticTeam 1, one win and equal score, two lost. Goal Scorer Casian assist by Dominic. Team two, three lost and equal score
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 9 NavyCastleknock CelticBelmont FCTeam 1 won first match 4-1 (Dominic 3, Eli 1). Second match they lost 9-2 (Dominic 2). Team 2 lost first match 12 -0 and second match 11-0
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 9 OrangeCastleknock CelticLusk Utd
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 9 OrangeHartstown HuntstownCastleknock CelticGame 1: CCFC 5 - 7 HHFC, CCFC 8 - 6 HHFC. Game 2: CCFC 7 - 3 HHFC, CCFC 9 - 5 HHFC. Goalscorers Jack Hogan, Jack Antoniotti, Hugo McLarnon, George Dockry, Aidan Ryan and Senan Hosford
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 9 OrangeCastleknock CelticClontarf FC6-3, 6-2, 5-5, 5-2
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 10C1Castleknock CelticVerona FC
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 10C1Trinity DonaghmedeCastleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1Castleknock CelticEsker Celtic
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1St. John VianneyCastleknock Celtic
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 11 Girls Pink 2Newbridge TownCastleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 11CPalmerstown FC3 - 2Castleknock CelticDan Fitzpatrick 1, Stephen Haughey 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 11CCastleknock Celtic2 - 1Larkview FCEthan Cunningham 1
James McManus 1
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 NorthCastleknock Celtic1 - 3Swords CelticDaragh Finnigin 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 NorthCastleknock Celtic1 - 8Drogheda BoysHarry O'Riordan 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 NorthBelvedere FC3 - 1Castleknock CelticConor Garvey 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 NorthCastleknock Celtic0 - 0Home Farm
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-6Shankill FC2 - 5Castleknock CelticHarry Murphy 2, Niall Corbett 1, Own Goals 2
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6Castleknock Celtic6 - 5Terenure RangersNiall Corbett 4, Harry Murphy 1, Harry Bell 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6Templeogue Utd2 - 6Castleknock CelticThomas Flynn 1, Darragh Finnigan 2, Harry Murphy 1, Niall Corbett 1, Finn O’Dwyer 1
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 13-1 GirlsCastleknock CelticLeicester Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-1 GirlsCastleknock Celtic2 - 3Granada FCKatie Anderson 1, Isla O’Dwyer 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-1 GirlsCastleknock Celtic3 - 1Mount MerrionIsla O’Dwyer 1, Ciara O'Neill 2
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 13-2Castleknock Celtic6 - 0Polish EaglesGeoffrey O'Connor 2, Brian Whelen 2, Patrick Cahill 1, Aaron Kearney 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-2Raheny UtdCastleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 13-2 GirlsCastleknock Celtic1 - 4Peamount UtdIsla O’Dwyer 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-2 GirlsPark CelticCastleknock Celtic
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 13-4Castleknock CelticPortmarnock AFC
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 13-4Broadford Rovers3 - 1Castleknock CelticAaron Cassidy 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-4Castleknock Celtic4 - 4Belmont FCBrooklyn Hyland 1, Bobby Casey 1, Reuben Lavery 1, Kevin Fitzgerald 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 13-4St. Josephs Boys2 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-4Ballyoulster Utd3 - 4Castleknock CelticCillian Breen 2, Charlie Lynch 1, Cillian O'Brien 1
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-6Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Rathcoole BoysTwo composed penalties from Ryan Kearney followed by a lovely chip into the top corner from Ethan Mortimer
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-6Dundrum FC2 - 7Castleknock CelticGreat hat-trick by Ronac and fine finishes by Max, Ryan, Robert & Alex
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6Cabinteely FC6 - 2Castleknock CelticLost to a strong Cabinteely team. Much better performance with goals from Ryan and Max. Unlucky with penalty miss and conceding a couple of late goals.
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6Dalkey Utd1 - 6Castleknock CelticGreat goals by Ryan, Anthony, Ronac, Alex, Max and Ethan
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-1St. Francis7 - 0Castleknock Celtic
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-4Castleknock Celtic11 - 3Park CelticSean Bradley 1, Ferdea Ward 2, Luke Ryan 3, Muhammad Taha 2, Shane Catibog 3
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-4St. Kevins Boys3 - 2Castleknock CelticNathan Fogarty 1, Shane Catibog 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Firhouse CarmelShane Catibog 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4Esker Celtic1 - 8Castleknock CelticFerdea Ward 2
Luke Ryan 1
Muhammad Taha 1
Shane Catibog 1
Shahwaiz Aziz 2
Ruairì Glynn (goalkeeper) 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 16 MajorCastleknock Celtic0 - 2Cherry Orchard
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 16 MajorTempleogue Utd3 - 2Castleknock CelticDisappointing outcome after a brace by Callum Daly gave us a 2-0 half time lead
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 16 MajorWayside CelticCastleknock Celtic
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 16B1Castleknock Celtic2 - 5Mount MerrionKleo Malaj 1, Jayden Musgrave 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 16B1Ardmore Rovers3 - 2Castleknock CelticKleo Malaj 1, Oisin Shevlin 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 16B1Castleknock CelticFirhouse Carmel
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 16B1Castleknock Celtic2 - 3Ardmore RoversKleo Malaj 1, Oisin Shevlin 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 17 Major NthLucan Utd2 - 2Castleknock CelticTiernan Keane 2 Click for match report
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 17 Major NthManortown Utd6 - 2Castleknock CelticTiernan Keane 2
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 17 Major Nth (FAI Centenary Cup)Harolds CrossCastleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 17BHarold's Cross9 - 4Castleknock CelticCalum Gormley 3, Kian McCarthy 1
1-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 17BDrumcondra FC0 - 3Castleknock CelticRichard Tobun 2, Calum Gormley 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 17BTerenure Rangers10 - 0Castleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 18 Major NthSt. Kevins Boys4 - 0Castleknock Celtic
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 18 Major NthPhoenix FC2 - 3Castleknock CelticEthan O’Reilly 1, Cillian Hegarty 2
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 18ACastleknock CelticBluebell / Knockmitten
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 18ACastleknock Celtic6 - 0St. Kevins BoysMathew Coughlan 3, Rees Harper 1, Wesley Kupka 1, Mark Malone 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 18ACastleknock Celtic1 - 2Newbridge TownScorer TBC
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 9 Girls Pink 3Sporting GreystonesCastleknock CelticFirst game of the season for this team results in a draw and 3 defeats.
1. 0-0 team a
2. 0-7 team b
3. 0-2 team a
4. 2-4 team b
21-Aug-2021LFL Sat U19Castleknock Celtic7 - 2Celbridge Town
28-Aug-2021LFL Sat U19Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Kill Celtic
11-Sep-2021LFL Sat U19St. John VianneyCastleknock Celtic
10-Jul-2021LSL Sat Division 3Castleknock Celtic7 - 1Cloghertown Utd
17-Jul-2021LSL Sat Division 3Dublin Airport FC2 - 2Castleknock Celtic
24-Jul-2021LSL Sat Division 3Castleknock Celtic6 - 2Hyde Park FC
14-Aug-2021LSL Sat Division 3Castleknock Celtic3 - 3Oliver Bond Celtic
21-Aug-2021LSL Sat Division 3Confey FCCastleknock Celtic
4-Sep-2021LSL Sat Division 3Castleknock Celtic0 - 1Iveagh Celtic
11-Sep-2021LSL Sat Division 3Mid Sutton FC Sportslink4 - 0Castleknock Celtic
10-Jul-2021LSL Sat Major 1DCrumlin Utd0 - 2Castleknock Celtic
24-Jul-2021LSL Sat Major 1DLucan Utd FC3 - 1Castleknock Celtic
7-Aug-2021LSL Sat Major 1DCastleknock Celtic1 - 2Inchicore Athletic
21-Aug-2021LSL Sat Major 1DCastleknock Celtic1 - 0Newlands / Castle Park FC
28-Aug-2021LSL Sat Major 1DSVS2 - 1Castleknock Celtic
4-Sep-2021LSL Sat Major 1DCastleknock Celtic3 - 5Ballyfermot Utd
11-Sep-2021LSL Sat Major 1D SatCastleknock Celtic2 - 4St. Pauls Artane
18-Jul-2021LSL Sun Premier 1Castleknock Celtic1 - 4Bangor GG FC
26-Jul-2021LSL Sun Premier 1Castleknock Celtic5 - 2Rathcoole Boys
22-Aug-2021LSL Sun Premier 1Whitehall Rangers2 - 4Castleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021LSL Sun Premier 1Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Blessington FC
5-Sep-2021LSL Sun Premier 1Rush Athletic2 - 2Castleknock Celtic
9-Jul-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BCastleknock Celtic3 - 1TEK Utd FC
23-Jul-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BCastleknock Celtic1 - 1Ayrfield Utd
6-Aug-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BCastleknock Celtic2 - 0Drogheda Town
12-Aug-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BInchicore Athletic3 - 0Castleknock Celtic
20-Aug-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BHartstown Huntstown2 - 3Castleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BDunboyne AFC0 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021LSL Sun Senior 1BRush Athletic1 - 2Castleknock Celtic
10-Sep-2021LSL Sun Senior 1B (FAI Intermediate Cup)Castleknock Celtic2 - 2Orchard FCLed twice but drew 2-2 after normal and extra time then lost 4-2 on penalties
18-Jul-2021LSL Sun U19 Paddy LeeCastleknock Celtic2 - 1Shankill FC
25-Jul-2021LSL Sun U19 Paddy LeeNaas AFC3 - 1Castleknock Celtic
8-Aug-2021LSL Sun U19 Paddy LeeCastleknock Celtic3 - 3Terenure Rangers
29-Aug-2021LSL Sun U19 Paddy LeeCastleknock Celtic4 - 4Cabinteely FC
5-Sep-2021LSL Sun U19 Paddy LeeMount Merrion7 - 1Castleknock Celtic
11-Jul-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierNaas AFC2 - 2Castleknock Celtic
25-Jul-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierCastleknock Celtic2 - 6St. Francis FC
8-Aug-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierCastleknock Celtic0 - 2Greystones Utd
15-Aug-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierGreystones Utd6 - 0Castleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierHome FarmCastleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierCastleknock Celtic3 - 3Cabinteely FC
12-Sep-2021LSL Sun U20 PremierSuncroft FC2 - 3Castleknock Celtic
11-Sep-2021MGL Sat 10 GirlsDonacarney Celtic Green0 - 9Castleknock CelticA strong away win in this team's first competitive league game. The goalscorers were Sadhbh Macken 5, Ruby Finnigan 2, Annie Cooney 1 and Rachel Nolan 1