DateLeague (Manager)FixtureReport / Scorer(s)
9-May-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Bluebell / Knockmitten1 - 1Castleknock Celtico.g. 1
7-May-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Mount Merrion6 - 0Castleknock Celtic
2-May-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)St. Kevins Boys5 - 1Castleknock CelticZac Thomas 1
30-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Peamount UtdZac Thomas 2, Rian Giltrap 1
23-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic1 - 3Cherry OrchardZac Thomas 1
11-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Home Farm
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Belvedere FC10 - 1Castleknock CelticZac Thomas 1
2-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4St. Kevins Boys (Liam Brady Cup QF)Zac Thomas 1, Rian Giltrap 1
26-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4Shelbourne Academy
19-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3St. Kevins Boys
12-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Malahide Utd5 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)IDLE
26-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Bluebell / KnockmittenOFFCastleknock Celtic
19-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock CelticOFFCabinteely FC
12-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)St. Francis2 - 3Castleknock CelticMosab Adam 2, Toby Stacey 1
5-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Bluebell / KnockmittenOFFCastleknock Celtic
29-Jan-2022DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Leixlip Utd
11-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock CelticOFFCherry Orchard
4-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Home Farm6 - 1Castleknock CelticZac Thomas 1
27-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Peamount Utd2 - 1Castleknock CelticMosab Adam 1
20-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Shelbourne Academy4 - 1Castleknock CelticRian Giltrap 1
13-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic1 - 3St. FrancisMosab Adam 1
6-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Mount MerrionOFFCastleknock Celtic
30-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Peamount UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
23-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Cabinteely FC1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
16-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic0 - 1Bluebell/Knockmitten
9-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Home Farm3 - 1Castleknock CelticSFAI Cup R1. Mosab Adam 1
2-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Leixlip Utd1 - 2Castleknock CelticRian Giltrap 1, Mosab Adam 1
25-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Mount MerrionMosab Adam 1
18-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)IDLE
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Belvedere FC
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Cherry Orchard7 - 1Castleknock CelticOwn Goal 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4Malahide UtdZac Thomas 1, Mosab Adam 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13 Inter (Ray Coyne)IDLE
7-May-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock CelticOFFArdmore Rovers
30-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Leicester Celtic1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
23-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)IDLE
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Cherry Orchard2 - 1Castleknock CelticOisin Dooley 1
2-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)IDLE
26-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic0 - 1Knocklyon Utd
19-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Ardmore Rovers
12-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Ardmore Rovers (Gerry Murphy Cup)2 - 1Castleknock Celtic
5-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Belmont FC1 - 2Castleknock CelticMatthew Downey 1, Woyenraila Jacob 1
26-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock CelticOFFKnocklyon Utd
19-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Belvedere FC1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
12-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Leicester CelticCharlie Maxwell 2
5-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Cherry OrchardOFFCastleknock Celtic
29-Jan-2022DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock CelticOFFLeicester Celtic
11-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Blessington AFC2 - 1Castleknock CelticCharlie Maxwell 1
4-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic0 - 0Glebe North
27-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Lourdes Celtic3 - 2Castleknock CelticWoyentarila 1, Oisin 1
20-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Belvedere FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Mount Merrion2 - 3Castleknock CelticWoyentarila 2, Jack Doran 1
6-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Lourdes CelticWoyentarila 2, Charlie Maxwell 2
30-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Cherry OrchardWoyentarila 2, Jack Hughes 3
23-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Ardmore Rovers2 - 3Castleknock CelticConor Whelan 2, Woyentarila 1
16-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Belmont FCCharlie Maxwell 1
9-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic2 - 2Hartstown HuntstownOisin Dailey 1, Woyentarila Jacob 1
2-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Blessington AFCCharlie Maxwell 2
25-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Glebe North1 - 1Castleknock CelticOisin Callaghan 1
18-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Hartstown Huntstown0 - 4Castleknock CelticWoyentarila Jacob 2, Matthew Downey 2
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Belvedere FCJack Doran 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Knocklyon Utd5 - 0Castleknock Celtic
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Mount MerrionCharlie Maxwell 1, Conor Whelan 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13A (Tommy Donnelly)Castleknock CelticOFFHartstown Huntstown
7-May-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)IDLE
4-May-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock CelticClondalkin Celtic
30-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock CelticOFFClondalkin Celtic
23-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic0 - 6St. John Bosco (Joe O'Leary Cup QF)
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Peamount Utd4 - 0Castleknock Celtic
2-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Ballymun Utd (Joe O'Leary Cup R2)Ganel Ceaser 1, Ronan McGuirk 1
26-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Finglas UtdMichael Conway (1)
19-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Leicester Celtic
12-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Ballymun Utd (Joe O'Leary Cup)OFFCastleknock Celtic
5-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Peamount UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
26-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock CelticOFFBallymun Utd (Joe O'Leary Cup)
19-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock CelticOFFClondalkin Celtic
12-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Leicester Celtic0 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic0 - 2Leixlip Utd
29-Jan-2022DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic2 - 5Templeogue UtdMalcolm Cieply 1, Ganel Ceaser 1
11-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Granada FC2 - 5Castleknock CelticRonan McGuirk 2, Ganel Ceaser 1, Harry Jones 2
4-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Manortown Utd2 - 2Castleknock CelticRonan McGuirk 2
27-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Peamount UtdRonan McGuirk 2
20-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock CelticOFFClondalkin Celtic
13-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Finglas Utd2 - 2Castleknock CelticGanel Ceaser 2
6-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic1 - 0Lourdes CelticGanel Ceaser 1
30-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Greystones Utd0 - 4Castleknock CelticMalcolm Ceiply 1, Ronan Mcguirk 3
23-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Ballyfermot Utd4 - 0Castleknock Celtic
16-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic4 - 0Manortown UtdMalcolm Ceiply 1, Ganel Ceaser 3
9-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Leixlip Utd5 - 0Castleknock Celtic
2-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Templeogue Utd5 - 0Castleknock Celtic
25-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Greystones UtdRonan Mc Guirk 2, Ganel Ceaser 2
18-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic0 - 4Granada FC
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Ballyfermot Utd
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Clondalkin Celtic2 - 3Castleknock CelticMalcolm Ceiply 2, Harry Jones 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Lourdes Celtic5 - 2Castleknock CelticAhmed 1, Michael Conway 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C (Graham Walsh)Castleknock Celtic11 - 0Shankhill FCMichael Conway 4, Andrew Brazier 1, Malcolm Ceiply 1, Jack 1, Woyentarila 3, Own Goal 1
7-May-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Ballymun UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
30-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Finglas Celtic (U13 Sat League Cup R2)5 - 0Castleknock Celtic
25-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Finglas Celtic2 - 2Castleknock CelticDaniel Fegan 1, James Fay 1
23-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)IDLE
11-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Tolka Rovers3 - 1Castleknock CelticRory Fallon 1
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Ballyowen Celtic (13C1/D League Cup)OFFCastleknock Celtic
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock CelticOFFDalkey Utd
2-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Ballyowen Celtic (C1/D League Cup R2)OFFCastleknock Celtic
26-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic7 - 1Sporting GreystonesDaniel Fegan 3, James Fay 1, Tom Kenny 2, Artem Sim 1
19-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock CelticOFFMount Merrion
12-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Ballyowen Celtic (League Cup)OFFCastleknock Celtic
5-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic1 - 0Tolka RoversAlan Thomas 1
26-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock CelticOFFBallyowen Celtic (League Cup)
19-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Finglas CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
12-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Oliver Bond Celtic3 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Shankill FCDovydas Kairys 1, James Fay 1, Tom Kenny 1
29-Jan-2022DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Cabinteely FC1 -2Castleknock CelticDaniel Fegan 2
11-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Wayside CelticTom Kenny 1, James Fay 1
4-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)St. Mochtas1 - 5Castleknock CelticAlan Thomas 1, Oisin Gillen 2, Alan Glennane 1, James Fay 1
27-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic6 - 1Newbridge TownAlan Glennane 3, Rory Fallon 2, Daniel Fegan 1
20-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Dalkey Utd1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
13-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Leicester Celtic0 - 5Castleknock CelticArtem Sim 1, Alan Glennane 1, Tom Kenny 1, Rory Fallon 2
6-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic6 - 0Ballymun UtdHugo Meade 1, Rory Fallon 1, Nicolas Chiciu 1, Peter Boles 1, Alan Glennane 2
30-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Mount Merrion2 - 2Castleknock CelticDaniel Fegan 1, Alan Glennane 1
23-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Tolka RoversOFFCastleknock Celtic
16-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic4 - 4Finglas CelticGoals from James Fay and a Daniel Fegan hat-trick secure a well-earned draw in a ding-dong battle between two well-matched sides
9-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Shankill FC0 - 4Castleknock CelticDovydas Kairys 2, Alan Glennane 1, Daniel Fegan 1
2-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic3 - 2Oliver Bond CelticAlan Glennane 2, Tom Kenny 1
25-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Sporting Greystones1 - 2Castleknock CelticDaniel Fegan, Alan Glennane
18-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Cabinteely FCRory Fallon 1
11-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Wayside Celtic2 - 6Castleknock CelticJames Fay 1 Alan Glennane 2, Daniel Shine 1, Daniel Fegan 1, Dovydas Kairys 1.
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Newbridge Town1 - 3Castleknock CelticTom Kenny 1, Daniel Fegan 2
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic8 - 1Leicester CelticPeter Boles 1, James Fay 2, Alan Glennane 3, Tom Kenny 1, Oisin Gillen 1
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13C1 (David Glennane)Castleknock Celtic3 - 3St. Mochtas
9-May-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)KingswoodCastleknock Celtic
7-May-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Beechwood FCJacopo Panunzio 2, Hamza Omeragic 1
30-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)Beech Park6 - 3Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 1, Julian Mercado 1, Leo Gago 1
23-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Corduff FC (U13 Sat League Cup R2)7 - 3Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 1, Jacopo Panunzio 2
9-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)Dalkey Utd0 - 2Castleknock Celtic
2-Apr-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Knocklyon Utd (C1/D League Cup R2)2 - 6Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 3, Cleo Gago 1, Jason Toni 1, Jacopo Panunzio 1
26-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)Rathcoole FC3 - 1Castleknock CelticCleo Gago (1)
19-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13D Shield (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Celbridge TownCleo Gago 1
12-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)IDLE
5-Mar-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)IDLE
26-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock CelticOFFKnocklyon Utd (League Cup)
19-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Rathcoole FC0 - 8Castleknock CelticDylan Metadjer 3, Jason Toni 2, Ugonna Mezie 1, Cleo Gago 1, Jacopo Panunzio 1
12-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Rosemount Mulvey7 - 0Castleknock Celtic
5-Feb-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Rathcoole FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
29-Jan-2022DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Beech ParkFixture Reversed
11-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 5Clondalkin CelticUgonna Mezie 1, Hamza Omeragic 1
4-Dec-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 4Clontarf FC
27-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic3 - 2Rosemount MulveyJacopo Panunzio 2, Ugonna Mezie 1
20-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 0Belmont FCGradi Lombadishe 1
13-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 3Ballyowen CelticHamza Omeragic 1, Jason Toni 1
6-Nov-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Clondalkin Celtic4 - 1Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 1
30-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic3 - 5Mulhuddart FCUgonna Mezie 1, Hamza Omeragic 1, Jacopo Panunzio 1
23-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic7 - 0Beechwood FCUgonna Mezie 2, Hamza Omeragic 2, Jason Toni 1, Boody Aglan 1, Jacopo Panunzio 1
16-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Mulhuddart FC4 - 0Castleknock Celtic
9-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic7 - 1Rathcoole BoysWith the match tied 1-1 at half time it could have gone either way but a couple of early goals caused the Rathcoole heads to drop and our fitness paid off in the 2nd half. Hamza Omeragic 3, Ugonna Mezie 1, Jason Toni 1, Jacopo Panunzin 1, O.G. 1
2-Oct-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Ballyowen Celtic2 - 3Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 2, Jason Toni 1
25-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 5Beech Park
18-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Belmont FC1 - 3Castleknock CelticUgonna Mezie 2, Jacopo Panunzin 1
4-Sep-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Clontarf FC5 - 2Castleknock CelticJulian Mercado 1, Jason Toni 1
28-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)IDLE
21-Aug-2021DDSL Sat 13D (Bob Fagan)Castleknock CelticOFFBelmont FC