DateLeague (Manager)FixtureReport / Scorer(s)
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticTolka Rovers
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)St. John VianneyCastleknock Celtic
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticEsker Celtic
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticSt. John Vianney
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticSt. Kevins Boys
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)St. Kevins BoysCastleknock Celtic
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock Celtic7 - 1St. Mochtas
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Templeogue UtdCastleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticBelmont FC
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)St. MochtasCastleknock Celtic
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticOFFTolka Rovers
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Templeogue UtdCastleknock Celtic
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticFinglas Utd
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticBelmont FC
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Jobstown CelticCastleknock Celtic
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock Celtic1 - 7Templeogue Utd
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Finglas UtdCastleknock Celtic
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Belmont FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock Celtic3 - 1Finglas Utd
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Jobstown CelticCastleknock Celtic
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Esker CelticCastleknock Celtic
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)St. Kevins BoysCastleknock Celtic
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticOFFRathcoole Boys
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticOFFJobstown Celtic
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)St. John VianneywonCastleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticwonEsker Celtic
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Trinity DonaghmedelostCastleknock Celtic
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 10C1 (A) (Steve Collins)Castleknock CelticlostVerona FC
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticCabinteely FC
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Sporting GreystonesCastleknock Celtic
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticKillegland AFC
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticArdmore Rovers
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticParkvale FC
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Wayside CelticCastleknock Celtic
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticOFFKillegland AFC
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Broadford RoversCastleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticKnocklyon Utd
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Kinsealy UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Knocklyon UtdCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Kilnamanagh AFCOFFCastleknock Celtic
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticLeicester Celtic
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Portmarnock AFCCastleknock Celtic
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock Celtic5 - 0Ayrfield Utd
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock Celtic9 - 5Wayside Celtic
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticBroadford Rovers
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Ardmore RoversOFFCastleknock Celtic
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticCabinteely FC
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Sporting GreystonesCastleknock Celtic
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 10E (Serian Dushaj)Castleknock CelticFirhouse Carmel
8-May-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic1 - 4Swords CelticSadhbh Macken 1
24-Apr-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Balrath FC3 - 5Castleknock CelticRuby Finnigan 4, Maedhbh Glennane 1
10-Apr-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticSt. Itas AFC
3-Apr-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)United Girls FC3 - 3Castleknock Celtic
27-Mar-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic5 - 0Donacarney CelticGoals by Anna Ryan, Sadhbh Macken (2) & Ruby Finnigan (2). Special mention for Sophie Bell and Andrea Inglis who both played a half for Donacarney to enable the game to go ahead. Player of the Match performance from Anna Ryan
20-Mar-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
13-Mar-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Swords CelticCastleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)St. Itas AFC1 - 4Castleknock CelticScoreline doesn't reflect a tight game for the most part. Goals by Sadhbh Macken 2, Patrice O’Dwyer 1 & OG 1
27-Feb-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Balrath FCGoals scored by Ruby Finnigan and Sadhbh Macken. Great performance by Andrea Inglis in goal.
20-Feb-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)United Girls FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022MGL Sun 10A Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
6-Feb-2022MGL Sun 10 Girls Group 1 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic6 - 0MaynoothAnnie Cooney 1, Meadhbh Glennane 1, Ruby Finnigan 2, Sadhbh Macken 2
30-Jan-2022MGL Sun 10 Girls Group 1 (Simon Bell)Mount MerrionCastleknock Celtic
23-Jan-2022MGL Sun 10 Girls Group 1 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic11 - 0Kilnamanagh AFCFantastic start to the MGL Sunday league campaign with a terrific performance resulting in an 11-0 win over Kilnamanagh. Goals by Sadhbh Macken (4), Anna Ryan (2), Ruby Finnegan (2) and one each for Rebecca Farrell, Patrice O’Dwyer and Annie Cooney
4-Dec-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
27-Nov-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic17 - 0Loughshinney UtdExceptional performance from the girls this morning. Teamwork, possession, pressing, passing & effort all outstanding. Very proud coaching team! Final result was 17-0. Goals scored by Ruby Finnigan 4, Sadhbh Macken 2, Anna Ryan 2, Meadbh Glennane 3, Ciara Williams 2, Patrice O’Dwyer 2, Andrea Inglis 2
20-Nov-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic4 - 0Killester / Donnycarney FCHard fought win for the girls this morning against a very competitive Killester / Donnycarney team. Goals by Patrice O’Dwyer 1, Sadhbh Macken 1 and Ruby Finnigan 2
13-Nov-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
6-Nov-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)St. Itas AFC1 - 7Castleknock CelticMore difficult game this morning. Our reputation proceeding us so games definitely getting tougher. Level at halftime but we pulled away in the second half. Game finished 7-1 to us with goals scored by Ruby Finnigan (3) and Sadhbh Macken (4)
30-Oct-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Raheny Utd Yellow0 - 6Castleknock CelticAll 6 goals by Ruby Finnigan this morning with a great captain’s performance!
23-Oct-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
16-Oct-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Donacarney Celtic Green1 - 5Castleknock CelticAnother very strong performance versus a good Donacarney side. 2 Goals each for Sadhbh Macken and Ruby Finnigan and a goal of the month contender from Annie Cooney.
9-Oct-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)IDLE
2-Oct-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic8 - 0Raheny Utd YellowSadhbh Macken 3, Ruby Finnigan 2, Annie Cooney 1, Maedhbh Glennane 1, Ciara Williams 1
25-Sep-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)St. Itas AFC1 - 15Castleknock CelticSadhbh Macken 7, Ruby Finnigan 4, Ciara Williams 2, Annie Cooney 1, Rachel Nolan 1
18-Sep-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic5 - 0Raheny Utd BlueAnna Ryan 1, Ruby Finnegan 2, Rachel Nolan 1, Sadhbh Macken 1
11-Sep-2021MGL Sat 10 Girls (Simon Bell)Donacarney Celtic Green0 - 9Castleknock CelticA strong away win in this team's first competitive league game. The goalscorers were Sadhbh Macken 5, Ruby Finnigan 2, Annie Cooney 1 and Rachel Nolan 1
8-May-2022MGL Sun 10C Girls (Orla Matthews)Kilmore Celtic7 - 0Castleknock Celtic