DateLeague (Manager)FixtureReport / Scorer(s)
10-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Cherry OrchardCastleknock Celtic
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Clondalkin Celtic0 - 1Castleknock Celtic
5-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)St. Josephs Boys3 - 1Castleknock Celtic
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Dundrum FC
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Terenure RangersCastleknock Celtic
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Knocklyon Utd
5-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Finglas Utd
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Granada FC
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)St. MochtasOFFCastleknock CelticPlayed 3 Oct 2021
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic0- 3St. Josephs Boys
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Raheny Utd (Jean Kennedy Cup)3 - 2Castleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 0Clondalkin CelticConor Garvey 1
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock CelticOFFRaheny Utd (Jean Kennedy Cup)
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Broadford RoversOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Cherry OrchardOFFCastleknock Celtic
6-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 0Broadford Rovers
30-Jan-2022DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Mount Merrion
12-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 4Leixlip Utd
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic2 - 2Cherry Orchard
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Knocklyon Utd1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Templeogue Utd4 - 1Castleknock CelticConor Gilsenan 1
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 1Templeogue Utd
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Raheny Utd0 - 2Castleknock Celtic
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Raheny Utd
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock CelticOFFTerenure Rangers
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Finglas Utd1 - 1Castleknock CelticElliot McCullagh 1
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)Mount Merrion1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-3 (Brian Gilsenan)St. Mochtas1 - 0Castleknock CelticMuch more competitive game, bounce of a ball and a cross bar in it today
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 5Shelbourne Academy
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Shelbourne Academy4 - 1Castleknock CelticLost 4-1 but played well, missed a penalty to take the lead. Goal scorer Charlie Foley
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic0 - 0Home Farm
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Belvedere FC3 - 1Castleknock CelticConor Garvey 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 8Drogheda BoysHarry O'Riordan 1
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-2 North (Brian Gilsenan)Castleknock Celtic1 - 3Swords CelticDaragh Finnigin 1
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Templeogue UtdBen Kearns 1, Matthew Farrell 1, Mark Flanagan 1, Harry Murphy 2
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic4 - 0Shankill FC
26-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Terenure Rangers0 - 4Castleknock CelticHarry Murphy 2, Mark Flanagan 2
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Clontarf FC1 - 8Castleknock CelticDarragh Finnigan 2, Mark Flanagan 4, Ben Kearns 1, Matthew Farrell 1
22-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Dundrum FC2 - 3Castleknock Celtic
12-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Templeogue Utd (12-5/6 Sun Cup)1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Clontarf FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic0 - 0Lakelands FC
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic1- 1Tolka Rovers (U12 5/6 Cup)Match finished 1-1 AET. Goal by Darragh Finnigan. Castleknock win 4-3 on penalties (Darragh Finnigan, Ben Kearns, Niall Corbett & Harry Bell)
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFShankill FC
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFTolka Rovers (Sun Cup)
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Esker Celtic0 - 2Castleknock CelticExceptional performance against a very good Esker Celtic team, 14 brilliant performances and all worked together to get a great 2-0 win in a top of the table clash. Both Goals by Harry Murphy.
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFTolka Rovers (U12 Sun Cup)
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFTempleogue Utd
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFEsker Celtic
6-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic3 - 2Clontarf FCBen Kearns 1, Darragh Finnigan 1, Mark Flanagan 1
30-Jan-2022DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Stella Maris2 - 0Castleknock Celtic
12-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFKillester / Donnycarney FC
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Killester / DonnycarneyOFFCastleknock Celtic
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Stella Maris
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic2 - 1Mount MerrionDarragh Finnigan 1, Niall Corbett 1
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Stella MarisOFFCastleknock Celtic
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Firhouse CarmelHarry Murphy 2, Darragh Finnigan 2, Niall Corbett 1
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4Kilnamanagh AFCDespite goals fromHarry Murphy and Darragh Finnigan, three points dropped and some work to do after a disappointing morning
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFMount Merrion
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Swords Celtic1 - 2Castleknock CelticHard fought win away to a much improved Swords Celtic. Goals scored by Niall Corbett and Mark Flanagan.
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic1 - 2Dundrum FCLost this morning to a very good Dundrum team in a top of the table clash. Excellent team performance and never gave in right to the end. Great penalty from Harry Murphy for our goal.

Special thanks to Jordan (u11 Coach) for stepping in to ref at the last minute and doing an excellent job!
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Kilnamanagh AFC5 - 5Castleknock CelticA battling performance in a gale with goals from Mark Flanagan 2, Harry Murphy 2 & Ted Higgins 1
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Mount Merrion1 - 4Castleknock CelticDarragh Finnigan 1, Niall Corbett 3
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic6 - 0Swords CelticGoalscorers: OG, Ben Kearns, Niall Corbett (2), Harry Murphy, Darragh Finnigan. Great performance by Ollie McPartlin in goals for first clean sheet of the season
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Templeogue Utd2 - 6Castleknock CelticThomas Flynn 1, Darragh Finnigan 2, Harry Murphy 1, Niall Corbett 1, Finn O’Dwyer 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock Celtic6 - 5Terenure RangersNiall Corbett 4, Harry Murphy 1, Harry Bell 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Shankill FC2 - 5Castleknock CelticHarry Murphy 2, Niall Corbett 1, Own Goals 2
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 12-6 (Simon Bell)Castleknock CelticOFFMourne Celtic