DateLeague (Manager)FixtureReport / Scorer(s)
10-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 Shield (Barry Kavanagh)Ballyoulster UtdCastleknock Celtic
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Peamount Utd (14-3/4 League Cup SF)Won 4-1 on penalties
3-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock CelticOFFDrumcondra AFC
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Broadford Rovers (U14 Sun League Cup QF)
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)IDLE
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Belvedere FC2 - 7Castleknock Celtic
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic5 - 0Drumcondra AFC (14-3/4 League Cup R2)
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 Shield (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic2 - 0Leicester Celtic
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 Shield (Barry Kavanagh)Mourne CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Drumcondra AFC (League Cup)OFFCastleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic3 - 1Swords Celtic
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock CelticOFFDrumcondra AFC (U14 League Cup)
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Swords CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock CelticOFFSwords Celtic
6-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock CelticBroadford Rovers
30-Jan-2022DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Belvedere FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
12-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)IDLE
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Mourne Celtic4 - 4Castleknock Celtic
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Clontarf FC2 - 1Castleknock Celtic
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Drumcondra AFC0 - 6Castleknock Celtic
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic3 - 2Ballyoulster Utd
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic3 - 1Leicester Celtic
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Swords CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic6 - 0Clontarf FC
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Leicester Celtic0 - 5Castleknock Celtic
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic5 - 2Belvedere FC
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Broadford Rovers0 - 2Castleknock Celtic
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock Celtic3 - 3Mourne Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Ballyoulster Utd3 - 4Castleknock CelticCillian Breen 2, Charlie Lynch 1, Cillian O'Brien 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)IDLE
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-4 (Barry Kavanagh)Castleknock CelticOFFLeicester Celtic
10-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)St. John BoscoCastleknock Celtic
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Cambridge Boys (14-5/6 League Cup QF)
3-May-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic0 - 4Ballyfermot Utd
26-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Drumcondra AFC1 - 2Castleknock Celtic
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Parkvale FC (U14 Sun Cup R2)2 - 3Castleknock Celtic
12-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock CelticOFFFinglas Celtic
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Mount Merrion
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic3 - 1Lusk Utd (14-5/6 Sun Cup R1)
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Raheny Utd1 - 0Castleknock Celtic
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic2 - 3Kilnamanagh AFC
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Lusk Utd (Sun Cup)OFFCastleknock Celtic
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4Parkvale FC
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock CelticOFFLusk Utd (U14 Sun Cup)
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock CelticOFFLeixlip Utd
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock CelticOFFDundrum FC
6-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Kilnamanagh AFCCastleknock Celtic
30-Jan-2022DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock CelticOFFBallyfermot Utd
12-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Drumcondra AFC
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Finglas Celtic1 - 4Castleknock Celtic
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Rathcoole Boys0 - 4Castleknock Celtic
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic5 - 0St. John Bosco
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic0 - 5Cabinteely FC
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic2 - 3Ballybrack FC
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Leixlip Utd1 - 5Castleknock Celtic - reversed to Porterstown
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Stepaside FCOFFCastleknock Celtic
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic4 - 1Raheny Utd
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Ballyfermot Utd4 - 1Castleknock Celtic
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Parkvale FC3 - 4Castleknock CelticGoals from Ronac, Robert and Matthew. Poor finishing and missed penalty nearly cost us a couple of points as Parkvale were very good on the break. Cruising at 4-1 but some slackness let them in twice to make it a close finish. No ref but great job done by Dan from Parkvale and Ger.
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic11 - 3Park CelticAlex, Cian, Ryan, Anthony, Matthew, Adam, Max and Ronac
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Dalkey Utd1 - 6Castleknock CelticGreat goals by Ryan, Anthony, Ronac, Alex, Max and Ethan
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Cabinteely FC6 - 2Castleknock CelticLost to a strong Cabinteely team. Much better performance with goals from Ryan and Max. Unlucky with penalty miss and conceding a couple of late goals.
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Dundrum FC2 - 7Castleknock CelticGreat hat-trick by Ronac and fine finishes by Max, Ryan, Robert & Alex
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 14-6 (Andy Ralston)Castleknock Celtic3 - 0Rathcoole BoysTwo composed penalties from Ryan Kearney followed by a lovely chip into the top corner from Ethan Mortimer