DateLeague (Manager)FixtureReport / Scorer(s)
8-May-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic0 - 3Mount Merrion
1-May-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)IDLE
27-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Leicester CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
24-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Firhouse Carmel1 - 4Castleknock Celtic
20-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Dundrum FC3 - 0Castleknock Celtic
10-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock CelticOFFDundrum FC
3-Apr-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Granada FC6 - 1Castleknock Celtic
27-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Firhouse CarmelOFFCastleknock Celtic
20-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Knocklyon Utd3 - 1Castleknock Celtic
13-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock CelticOFFDundrum FC
6-Mar-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic1 - 6Dalkey Utd (Sun Cup)
27-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Firhouse CarmelOFFCastleknock Celtic
20-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Knocklyon UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Sporting GreystonesOFFCastleknock Celtic
6-Feb-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Tallaght Town0 - 5Castleknock Celtic
30-Jan-2022DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic7 - 2Terenure Rangers
12-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Park Celtic2 - 3Castleknock Celtic
5-Dec-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock CelticOFFLeicester Celtic
28-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Clontarf FC2 - 2Castleknock Celtic
21-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic4 - 4Sporting Greystones
14-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic0 - 4Knocklyon Utd
7-Nov-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic7 - 0Tallaght Town
31-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Dalkey Utd6 - 1Castleknock Celtic
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic3 - 5St. Kevins Boys
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)IDLE
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic3 - 2Clontarf FCFerdea Ward 1, Luke Ryan 1, Luke Mulgrew 1
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic4 - 3Dalkey UtdGreat win in a tight game thanks to goals from Jack McLaughlin, Robbie Dunne, Ferdea Ward and Shane Catibog with the last kick of the game
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic2 - 4Granada FCNathan Fogarty 1, Luke Ryan 1
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Terenure Rangers3 - 3Castleknock CelticFerdea Ward 2, Robbie Dunne 1
12-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Esker Celtic1 - 8Castleknock CelticFerdea Ward 2, Luke Ryan 1, Muhammad Taha 1, Shane Catibog 1, Shahwaiz Aziz 2, Ruairì Glynn (goalkeeper) 1
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic1 - 1Firhouse CarmelShane Catibog 1
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)St. Kevins Boys3 - 2Castleknock CelticNathan Fogarty 1, Shane Catibog 1
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-4 (Aidan Glynn)Castleknock Celtic11 - 3Park CelticSean Bradley 1, Ferdea Ward 2, Luke Ryan 3, Muhammad Taha 2, Shane Catibog 3
27-Feb-2022NDSL Sun 15A (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFBalbriggan FC
20-Feb-2022NDSL Sun 15A (Sean Murray)Swords ManorOFFCastleknock Celtic
13-Feb-2022NDSL Sun 15A (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFSt. John Vianney
6-Feb-2022NDSL Sun 15A (Sean Murray)Lusk UtdOFFCastleknock Celtic
30-Jan-2022NDSL Sun 15A (Sean Murray)IDLE
12-Dec-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)Swords Manor0 - 1Castleknock Celtic
5-Dec-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFMalahide Utd
28-Nov-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)Dunboyne AFC4 - 2Castleknock Celticper ndsl website
21-Nov-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)Castleknock Celtic5 - 1St. Itas AFCper ndsl website
14-Nov-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)IDLE
7-Nov-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)Castleknock Celtic5 - 1Baldoyle Utdper ndsl website
31-Oct-2021NDSL Sun 15B (Sean Murray)East Meath Utd1 - 4Castleknock CelticFirst game since moving to the NDSL results in a good away win thanks to goals from Fionn Duffy (3) and Daniel McAndrew (1)
24-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Swords CelticOFFCastleknock Celtic
17-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Mount MerrionOFFCastleknock Celtic
10-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)IDLE
3-Oct-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFGreystones Utd
26-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Castleknock Celtic1 - 3St. Pauls Artane
19-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Lakelands FC7 - 3Castleknock Celtic
5-Sep-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)St. Francis7 - 0Castleknock Celtic
29-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFSt. Kevins Boys
22-Aug-2021DDSL Sun 15-1 (Sean Murray)Castleknock CelticOFFSt. Francis